How it works
  • Love spending an evening or weekend watching movies with cinema picture and sound quality?
  • Wish you could watch as many DVD’s as you like every month from the comfort of your home?
  • Want to enjoy the coolest and latest movies any time without annoying commercials?
  • Want unlimited DVD rentals delivered free to your door for less than 1 DVD purchase price?
  • Now all of this is possible at – Egypt’s newest, coolest DVD rental service!

If you are already a registered member; skip to step 3.

1) First you will need to open an account. Click on "New User" on the upper left of the page.
2) Fill in the form.
3) Sign in with your username and password you chose.
4) The "Member Area" will be opened to you as you can see in the image below.
5) To add movies to your "Rental Queue" click on "Browse Movies" button on the top.
6) Then all what you need is to click on "Rent" on the movies you like to watch.
7) Your rental queue will look like this.
It's recommended that you fill it up. (you can add up to 100 movies in it!)
8) You can always access your "Rental Queue" from here:
9) Important Note:
As a new member; your current state will be on "PLAY" mode.
When we send you a movie; the state becomes on "Pause" mode automatically.
This means that you have a movie on rent.
When you finish watching the movie; change your state to "PLAY" mode by clicking the play button.
This means that you are asking for the next movie in your "Rental Queue".
When you do so; we will send you a new movie from your rental queue and receive back the old one.
Don't forget to do that!

For more information check the "Frequently Asked Questions" by clicking here.

If you have any further questions; please don't hesitate to contact us: Team