Hot Fuzz   [2007]   
Languages: English    |    DVD Release Date: 07/31/2007

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Movie Synopsis
Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is undoubtedly London's finest constable. His arrest record far surpasses that of any other officer, and he continues to undergo training to better his skills. This makes his fellow constables look bad, so they have him forcibly promoted and transferred to Sandford, a country village with the lowest crime rate in the country.

Sandford is as quiet as it is advertised, which depresses Nick. On his first night in the village, he kicks under-age drinkers out of the local pub, then arresting them for disorderly conduct in the streets. One of his arrestees turns out to be his new partner, Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), a doughy, affable chap whose father, Frank (Jim Broadbent) is the village's chief of police. Nick meets his fellow constables who, with the exception of the smug Andy's (Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall), are affable but neither adept at nor much interested in investigative police work. The only other people who seem interested in law and order are the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, a group of long-time residents who care deeply about maintaining Sandford's reputation as the nation's best village and are concerned about the arrival of street performers and other riffraff. Danny, however, pesters Nick for details of his career in London, which Danny is certain was filled with the kind of blazing action he has seen in American action films like "Point Break" and "Bad Boys II."

For a few days, Nick's most exciting moments are chasing a runaway swan and then a shoplifter, and confiscating the arsenal a local farmer has collected over the years, including a rusty sea mine. He also pulls over for speeding the local solicitor and his much younger girlfriend. The two of them are on their way to perform in their "homage" to Shakespeare, a dreadful updating of "Romeo and Juliet." After the performance, the two would-be Thespians are brutally murdered by a dark-cloaked figure with a hatchet. Their bodies are then strewn about in the road where Nick and Danny had pulled them over for speeding and their car wrecked to make their deaths appear to be a gory traffic accident. The other police officers are content with explanation, despite Nick's concerns about the lack of skid marks at the scene.

Shortly thereafter, a grotesque businessman is assaulted by the dark-cloaked figure. His death is made to look like the result of an accidental gas explosion. Nick can't shake the feeling that the two deaths are connected and begins to suspect Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton), the local supermarket owner who has a penchant for sprinkling his common conversation with violent language. Skinner clearly disliked the recently deceased businessman and seems to know intimate details of the actors' final moments. When a nosy local journalist is horrifically murdered by the dark-cloaked figure, Nick finally persuades Frank to let him treat the incident as a murder. Nick's investigation leads nowhere and threatens his relationship with Danny, with whom he was becoming good friends. Nick goes to the local flower shop to buy a peace lily for Danny as a birthday present. He is surprised to see the shop's proprietor, renowned for her horticultural skills, leaving town. She tells him that the land she owns was to be bought by the businessman with the assistance of the Thespians. Then when they were both killed, the reporter informed her that her land was much more valuable than what the businessman offered her, so she has sold her shop to a land developer from the city. She also reveals her connections to Skinner. When Nick briefly goes outside to his car, the dark cloaked figure stabs the woman to death with her garden shears. Nick gives chase but cannot catch up to the villain, who was wounded in the escape. Convinced that Skinner's connection to the property deal and attitude toward those murdered is sufficient evidence against Skinner, Nick takes the police force to confront him. But Skinner has no wound and his store's surveillance tapes establish that he was on the premises all day.

Nick is prepared to give up when it occurs to him that instead of a single murderer, several dark-cloaked murderers might be working together. This theory is confirmed when he is attacked in his hotel room by one of Skinner's employees, who is wearing a dark cloak. Nick defeats him and then impersonates him when Skinner radios to see if Nick has been killed. Nick traces Skinner to a castle outside of the village. There he finds the Neighborhood Watch Alliance, clad in the dark cloaks, chanting ritualistically. The NWA reveals that they have all been behind the murders, with their motive simply being civic pride, and had nothing to do with property deal between those who were murdered. Anything that could strip Sandford of its status as the nation's best village is violently opposed: The solicitor and his girlfriend were murdered because their terrible acting brought ill repute to Sandford's theatre company, the businessman was murdered for owning a tacky home, the journalist for poor spelling, and the horticulturalist for even thinking about moving away. Nick tries to arrest them but Frank and Danny appear in support of the NWA. They chase Nick through the grounds of the castle, where he finds the remains of other people the NWA has killed. The NWA surrounds Nick, and Danny steps forward and stabs him. Danny takes Nick's body away in the boot of his car.

At a safe distance, he lets the quite-alive Nick go -- they had faked Nick's death using ketchup packets for blood and Nick's notebook to avoid actual skin penetration. Danny refuses to believe his father and the NWA are responsible for murder and persuades Nick to take his car and return to London. In London, Nick sees a collection of action film videos and, inspired, returns to Sandford to put an end to the NWA. He takes the arsenal from the police evidence room and confronts many of the NWA members in the town square. They are equally as well armed as he is, and he vanquishes them only through the timely assistance of Danny.

In the local pub (whose owners are also NWA members), Frank and the other constables, in full riot gear, surround Nick and Danny. But Nick is able to persuade the constables that he is in the right. Frustrated, Frank runs away. Nick and the other officers go to the supermarket to apprehend Skinner, but when his employees put up a spirited fight, Skinner is able to escape with Frank. Danny and Nick give pursuit in their police car, and in the process find the runaway swan. Skinner and Frank are forced to abandon their car, and Nick and Danny give chase on foot. Nick and Skinner fight in a scale replica of the village, and Nick wins when Skinner falls and impales his chin on model of the village church, though this doesn't kill him. Frank tries to flee in Nick and Danny's car, but crashes into a tree when the swan attacks him.

Nick's former London superiors arrive in Sandford to congratulate him and ask him to return, as London has become crime ridden in his absence. Nick refuses because he has made such good friends and finally learned to enjoy life in Sandford. However, at the station, the last remaining member of the NWA tries to kill him. Danny takes the full brunt of the gun blast, and in the ensuing chase, the sea mine is detonated, destroying the station house.

But no one is killed. Danny is promoted to Sargent and Nick becomes the Inspector. Danny and Nick continue to patrol the streets of Sandford together with Marcus and Mike from "Bad Boys" as their role models.

(this first appeared on Commentary edited out)

This time out Simon Pegg is Sergeant Nicholas Angel, a tireless, no-nonsense cop who finds himself shipped off to a small village by jealous bosses. Once there he finds an easy-going attitude and an easy-going partner in Danny Butterman and finds both difficult to adjust to. But there is more going on in this little village than church fairs and citizen watch committees and soon Angel is investigating numerous accidents.
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