Nights in Rodanthe   [2008]   
Languages: English    |    DVD Release Date: 11/12/2008

MPAA Rating
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Movie Synopsis
It's never too late foria second chance.

The stars of Unfaithful rekindle their on-screen chemistry in this rich tale of hearts' awakenings based on a bestseller by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle). Richard Gere is Paul, a surgeon who long ago unwittingly traded family for career. Diane Lane is Adrienne, a devoted mother trying to move on after her husband's infidelity and struggling with his desire to return to their marriage. At a remote inn on the Outer Banks, Paul and Adrienne expect to do some serious soul-searching. But an approaching storm forces each to turn to the other for strength, setting the stage for a life-resonating romance.
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