Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa   [2008]   
Languages: English    |    DVD Release Date: 08/26/2008

MPAA Rating
Movie Synopsis
The movie starts in the past, in an African reserve, when Alekai the Lion was just a little cub, being tutored in the art of being a lion, by his doting father, Zuba (the late Bernie Mac), who is also the Alpha Lion. Alekai is full of life and more interested in playing the fool, by dancing around and doing the "happy face/angry face" gag with his paw. Zuba shows him his paw, which has an Africa-shaped birthmark on it, which Alekai also has on his paw. Just then, Makunga (Alec Baldwin), a scheming lion who wants to be Alpha Lion, challenges Zuba. Leaving Alekai alone for a while, Zuba kicks the pride out of Makunga. As the fight is going on, Alekai notices a piece of rope moving on the ground and follows it. He goes off the reserve and is captured by poachers, who dump him in a crate and put him in the bed of their truck. Zuba, having cleaned Makunga's clock, notices that his son is missing. He sees the truck moving along the fence of the reserve and hears his son, crying out for help. He runs and jumps on the truck. He manages to free the crate of its binds, when one of the poachers shoots him, causing him to fall off the truck. He doesn't notice that Alekai's crate has fallen out of the truck-bed and into a nearby river. Despite the painful hole in his ear, he mourns the loss of his son.
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