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In Egypt, EGDVD is a one-of-a-kind company, offering online subscription DVD service for one all-inclusive monthly fee. Since its inception in 2006, it has built its business on a thoughtfully constructed framework of quality products, reasonable prices, exemplary customer service, and user-friendly web systems that provide easy, pleasant experiences for customers.

From the outset, we have taken the lead in our service in Egypt, and we remain committed to achieving growth, innovation and quality by always exceeding the expectations of both our clients and our markets.

Currently, EGDVD provides service to residents in all Cairo regions, Giza, El Rehab and 6th October, and plans are now underway to expand service to additional cities.

EGDVD serves its customers seven days a week, providing them with the maximum in flexible options for scheduling both workday and weekend viewing.

Built on an uncompromising commitment to exceptional quality, value and service in every facet of its operations and every business relationship, EGDVD has established itself as an online movie store that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

To date, the business has not only established a firm base of highly satisfied customers, but has also created a solid foundation on which to build for the future, including the development of an efficient, inviting and user-friendly website, served by an enterprise database that has been tested and refined over the past two years.
Consider this familiar scenario:
  • Eight hours of hard work or study.
  • A grueling commute to get back home.
  • And—finally!—a time to relax.
If you love good films, those precious hours can be a time for you to settle in to the comfort of your own home and enjoy a movie. But don’t you wish you could see what you want, when you want? The other entertainment choices—television channels—can’t give you that option. EGDVD can!


Enjoying the very finest in home entertainment is easy, convenient and affordable, when you become a member of EGDVD and gain access to a huge selection of Arabic and English language movies available for rental or purchase.

Movie lovers can register and order their favorite films at they can pick a plan that is tailored to their own budgets and movie watching preferences. Each member can choose among two standard plans that offer either one, two DVDs at a time, to serve everyone from the casual movie viewer to the most serious cinema buff. A wide range of online features allows members to manage their accounts, track their viewing and pick their favorite movies, all from the comfort of their homes.